This year students are expected to come up with innovative solutions using robotics technology to create Sustainabots: Robots for sustainability


As one of the richest countries in biodiversity, a lot of different ecosystems can be found in Costa Rica. There are areas open to the public, national parks and protected reservoirs that have been established to protect our natural resources. For a country with green rainforests in the mountains and blue oceans on the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, many endangered species are found. It is important to preserve the habitats of the jaguars and turtles, and other endangered species, to prevent them from becoming extinct.


Greenhouse gasses, such as carbon dioxide, emitted by human activities like transportation, industrial processes and energy production affect the temperature of our planet. The Challenge is to make a robot that can help one company reach carbon neutrality. To accomplish this, the robot must install renewable energy sources, like solar panels, and plant trees to counterbalance the emissions from the industrial processes of the company.


The demand for electricity is increasing every day. More facilities like wind farms that generate electricity from renewable and clean energy sources are needed. The Challenge is to make a robot that helps to build a wind farm. The robot will select the best places to build the different wind generators of the wind farm in order to ensure maximum efficiency from the generators and no impact on the environment.